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Forman, "Albrek’s Tomb (Volume 3 of "Adventurers Wanted")" (reviewed by Karen Hamilton) Options · View
Posted: Thursday, July 05, 2012 1:31:58 AM

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Title: Albrek’s Tomb (Volume 3 of "Adventurers Wanted")
Author: M.L. Forman
Publisher: Shadow Mountain (an imprint of Deseret Book)
Genre: YA Adventure Fiction
Year Published: 2012
Number of Pages: 491
Binding: Hardback
ISBN13: 978-1-60908-892-7
Price: $19.99

Reviewed by Karen Hamilton for the Association for Mormon Letters

The adventure continues.

Alex is a young man and an Adventurer. On his first two adventures, he was able to accomplish a great deal of magic with little formal training. His sponser/mentor is Whalen. It is at Whalen's request that Alex summoned his Wizard Staff at the end of his second adventure, (read “The Horn of Moran” for full details).

Alex has been using his father’s smithy to practice a skill that does not involve magic. Following a book all about smithy work, Alex discovers that there is a sanctuary in his father’s magic bag. It is currently home to three smithies who are grateful for the continued protection. Bobkin, Keeper of the Sanctuary, offers to help Alex develop his budding skills as a Smithy.

When Alex, who is now …*SPOILER ALERT*… a full true wizard, receives a letter from Whalen requesting that he listen to the Leader of a new adventure, he is excited. As he arrives early at Clutter’s Adventure Shop, he asks about other adventures that are starting before meeting with the Leader of the adventure that Whalen asked him to listen to.

Thrang, his dwarf friend from his first adventure, is the leader of the current adventure. Thrang explains that this adventure is being sponsored by the dwarf king, King Thorgood. In the land of Thraxon the mines of the dwarves have been becoming less productive over the last hundred years. King Thorgood wants the Adventurers to follow the path of the dwarf Albrek. The path is mostly ledged and not known. All that history agrees on is that Albrek took the Ring of Searching in order to find wealth and all those that followed him disappeared. The legends say that the Ring of Searching makes it possible to find new places to mine that are very profitable.

The group, which consist of some old and new friends, including Kat (a Seer), Arconn (an elf), Thrain (a dwarf), Nellus and Barnabus (both men) and Thrang the dwarf and current adventure leader. begins their adventure by meeting King Thorgood, in the Dwarf capitol of Benorg. While here, they do research in the vast libraries of the city. With the help of the Librarians, the Company of Adventurers come across information that gives them a rough idea as where to look for the Ring of Searching that has been lost for over two-thousand years. Ledgend has it located in the tomb of Albrek in an unknown location. The information that was found in the Library says that Albrek was planning on going to the Isle of Bones, the Lost Mountains and finally to see if he could find the Gal Tock (the Golden Rocks). Thrang decides to follow Albrek's path as closly as possible and hope that they find the Ring of Searching soon.

With the help of the Librarians, they come across information that gives the Adventurers a rough idea as where to look and the best path to follow. Thrang, with the information gained from the library, decides that the group will travel to the Isle of Bones to begin the search.
As the group arrives in Dunnstal, a town on the Eastern Sea, they are dismayed to learn that the isle is considered haunted or cursed. Thrang has a hard time finding anyone willing to take them to the desired destination. At the Sea Mist, the local Inn, they meet Bill who is willing to take them to the island, for a price.

Once the Adventurers reach the island, they discover an abandoned Dwarf City and a mysterious presence that wishes to remain hidden from the world.
As the adventure continues the group is faced with many challenges and must find ways to overcome them. There is also an abandoned oracle tower and a city held prisoner by an evil necromancer's power. Plus, a Dwarfen civil war is averted. It doesn’t get much better than this adventure. Alex’s skills as a Wizard are growing, but doubts remain, doubts that he is gradually learning to get over. He also learns about his own heritage and potential. It is wonderful to see the growth in each of the characters and the interactions between them.

This is a great series and I really really hope that there are many more adventures to come. I lost the battle to read the books first and had to sneak them away from the kids. I am also so wanting to get my own magic bag. Moving would be a cinch and camping would have all the luxuries of home. The consensus in my home is the sooner M.L. Forman writes the next several books the better. This is a great fantasy book perfect for all levels of readers, elementary school on up, and a great one for the whole family to enjoy together.
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