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Forman, "Slathbog’s Gold (Adventurers Wanted, Volume 1)" (reviewed by Karen Hamilton) Options · View
Posted: Monday, May 14, 2012 4:18:41 AM

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Title: Slathbog’s Gold (Adventurers Wanted, Volume 1)
Author: M.L. Forman
Publisher: Shadow Mountain
Genre: YA Adventure Fiction
Year Published: 2009
Number of Pages: 382
Binding: Hardback
ISBN13: 978-1-60641-029-5
Price: $18.99

Reviewed by Karen Hamilton for the Association for Mormon Letters

Alex Taylor is a fifteen year old who wishes that his life was different. He lives with his step-father, Mr. Roberts, and his step-brother, Todd. Mr. Roberts owns the Happy Dragon Tavern and lives above it with the boys. Alex is the dishwasher for the Happy Dragon and hates it.

Todd loves to goof off and has a hard time knowing when to stop. On the morning that Alex’s adventure starts, Todd had tripped Alex. Alex had dropped and broken some glasses and had been yelled at by Mr. Roberts. Knowing that it was pointless to get into an argument, Alex goes for a walk to calm himself and to look at the situation with calmer mind.

While walking, he comes across a strange sign in the window of the bookstore that he has passed many times. “He wondered what the sign might mean and why it was in the bookshop at all. It looked out of place in the window.” (pg.4) As Alex tries to figure out the sign, it seems to change on its own. He decides to go into the bookshop and ask about the sign before going home.

Cornelius Clutter is the owner of the bookshop and is thrilled when Alex walks in. Right away he starts talking very, very quickly and fills out an application for Alex to become an Adventurer and go on an adventure. Mr. Clutter rolls over each and every objection or excuse that Alex tries to express. Before Alex knows it, he is signed up for an adventure and has an interview with other Adventurers.

When Alex agrees to join an adventure, he gets his first experience with magic as they exit the shop by the back door and end up in a different realm. As he and his companions go to the town of Telous, he learns more about magic and is told to accept it and not to worry about the how or why of magic.

This book has it all: danger, excitement, friendship, honor, laughter, and peaceful moments. The characters are so real that they seem to become individuals that you know and would love to be friends with. Alex’s reaction to a brand new adventure and magic is one that many would have -- wanting to believe and yet not believing and feeling overwhelmed by having it be real. The adventure is fast paced and leaves the reader wanting to turn the pages for more.

I had a hard time putting the book down. This a great book for all ages, kids and adults alike. I really enjoyed watching Alex grow into the skills that he didn’t know he had. The friendship that grows among the eight adventurers is a wonderful to see. By the time the adventure was over, I wished that I could go on one and see the marvelous sights and have an adventure that is different. I am so looking forward to the next book.
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