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Posted: Friday, June 10, 2011 4:49:20 PM

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Title: Einstein’s Trunk
Author: James Haberkorn
Publisher: Bonneville Books (an imprint of Cedar Fort, Inc.)
Genre: Novel - Thriller
Year Published: 2011
Number of Pages: 233
Binding: Softbound
ISBN10: n/a
ISBN13: 978-1-59955-452-5
Price: $15.99

Reviewed by Allison McKenzie for the Association for Mormon Letters

The back of the book states that this “explosive thriller is so intense that it’s guaranteed to hook you from the very first page.” I admit the first page was gripping; however, the next 150 pages were not. This book did not easily keep my attention and I was uninterested until about the last 75 pages. The story line of “Einstein’s Trunk” slightly reminded me of the movies “National Treasure,” “The Di Vinci Code,” and “Lara Croft Tomb Raider,” all fictional plots with historic undertones. I very much enjoyed these movies; however, this book was not nearly as thrilling or thought-provoking.

I enjoyed the little historical tidbits throughout the book and I did like that each chapter began with an Albert Einstein quote. However, I think I was hoping for those quotes to be more tied into each chapter topic. Some excerpts had poignant ideas, including “When you set out to change a country, there are too many variables” and “Humanity should be a stronger bond than nationality.” These along with other statements were briefly noted but upon which there was little or no expansion. The bulk of the book was around drawn out, unimportant, story details. From extensive details about the type of weapons used, to pages of meaningless back and forth banter, I did not enjoy most of it. When I sit down to read a book titled “Einstein’s Trunk,” I am under the impression that there will be some sort of depth and contemplation of different concepts and ideas. There was very little of that throughout the book.

In addition, I am from a farming town in southern Idaho and I had hoped to bond with the Idaho farmer character, but to my disappointment I could not and did not.

I am sorry this review is not more optimistic; I simply did not enjoy reading this book. If someone is looking for a light read, this book might be satisfying. If someone is looking for any type of depth, Einstein-type enlightenment, philosophical concepts, and/or a thriller to connect pieces, this is not the book to read.
Jim Haberkorn
Posted: Sunday, July 03, 2011 12:08:17 AM

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In the interest of balance, here are two reviews that offer a different perspective on "Einstein's Trunk". Or you can go to Amazon or Borders and read any of the reviews there:



Jim Haberkorn
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